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At The Lottery Corporation, we celebrate and encourage the unique attributes of our employees. We believe this supports diversity of thought which, in turn, helps to develop organisational capability and deliver improved business performance.

Nurturing the Uniqueness of Our People 

These are our goals for our workplace at The Lottery Corporation. It starts with an inclusive and diverse culture that thrives on being a place where people can share their experiences, challenge the status quo and contribute their unique skill sets.

Our newly launched vision, purpose and principles guide our team. 

When developing these, we considered our capabilities, the expectations of our shareholders and other stakeholders, our position in the global lotteries market and ultimately what we want our company to become. 

Our Vision: To be the world's best lottery operator 

Achieving our vision will be realised through our strategic priorities: drive, develop and discover. 

  • We’ll drive growth through game portfolio innovation and seamless customer experiences across all channels. 

  • We’ll develop excellence and capability across our operations, tech that’s future-fit and alliances with trusted partners. 

  • And we’ll discover complementary new markets and earning possibilities.  

Our purpose: To create positive impacts

We are a socially responsible business dedicated to maximising shareholder value while benefitting our community. 

Our principles  

What matters most to us is that together our people: 

  • Create joyful moments
  • Dare to find a better way
  • Are accountable and transparent 
  • Nurture the uniqueness of our people

A culture of belonging

The Lottery Corporation has a strong commitment to creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace culture. We nurture the uniqueness of our people as a key principle and encourage people to bring their true selves to work.

Our Belonging strategy is centred around three strategic pillars and takes a multifaceted approach to achieve these goals.

Strategic pillars

  • Recruit, develop and retain a diverse workforce.

  • Provide equity in access to opportunities and advancements across the employee life cycle.

  • Cultivate an inclusive workplace culture that respects and nurtures the uniqueness of our people.

We recognise the intersection of diversity and understand everyone has their own unique identity. This diversity brings different passions, perspectives and experiences to enable us to create positive impacts in our community, with our customers and with our colleagues. We believe a culture of inclusion is everyone’s responsibility and is of benefit to everyone. 

Our commitment to DEIB (diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging) is illustrated by our frameworks and policies, which include a comprehensive baseline of offerings for our people. 

These include:

Flexible working
We recognise that the way we work to achieve great outcomes will be different for everyone. We embrace flexible working to help balance company, team and individual priorities.  

We enable great outcomes for our customers and our people through our ‘Flex for great outcomes’ approach. We trust you to work when and where you get great outcomes for our company and your team, while enabling you to balance your work and life priorities.

Flex for great outcomes 
When + Where you work = Great outcomes for our company, teams and team members. 

Different ways of working  
Many of us can enjoy a blended working model, a mix of working on-site and working remotely (usually your home). That mix will look slightly different for everyone depending on your role, the type of work you do and your access to a suitable working environment. 

Connection and belonging  
Some people prefer to work from the office, some prefer to work virtually, and many will prefer a blend of both. At The Lottery Corporation, we value in-person connection as well as flexibility.

Parental leave
Families come in all shapes and sizes. That's why our parental leave policy includes information for parents, surrogacy and adoption, IVF leave, medical appointments, pregnancy loss, and foster or kinship carers.

The Lottery Corporation provides up to 18 weeks of fully flexible paid parental leave to be taken within the first 24 months of your child’s birth or adoption. We have also introduced one week of grandparent leave, six weeks' leave for surrogates (gestational carriers), and increased fertility leave from four to eight days.

Whatever your gender and whichever type of parent or carer you are (or want to be), our policy flexes to support your choices. 

Domestic and family violence support
We're committed to promoting a safe workplace and a culture of inclusion, free of sexism and harassment. We stand united against abuse because we believe everyone should be helped, supported and made to feel safe by every means possible. We offer support for employees experiencing domestic and family violence in the form of flexible working, financial assistance or relocation among other support options.

Gender affirmation support
At The Lottery Corporation, you’re encouraged to be your authentic self – regardless of your sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.

Who you are is who you are. We recognise that a person’s sex assigned at birth and gender identity may not necessarily be the same. Some people may have a different gender identity to the one assigned at birth, and some may identify as neither exclusively male nor exclusively female.

We’re committed to creating a safe and inclusive workplace, where everyone feels free to be their authentic self. We provide paid leave and financial assistance for gender affirmation as well as access to flexible work arrangements. 

Inclusion networks
The Lottery Corporation has adopted an Inclusion and Diversity Policy which shows our commitment to creating a culture of inclusion and a workplace where everyone experiences a genuine sense of belonging.

In addition to joining the Pride in Diversity Network to help empower our people, we have developed The Lottery Corporation Diversity Network. This network has multiple streams including our True Colours network, which is a safe and welcoming community where our LGBTIQ+ employees and their allies can be heard. Any employee can join any of our diversity networks. They are volunteer-led and inclusive of all.

We also have a range of policies and programs to help employees feel safe and included at work. This includes a Gender Affirmation Statement of Support and offering employees paid leave for gender affirmation-related activities, financial allowance to support the gender-affirmation process and carer’s leave to allow employees to support a member of their household who is undertaking a gender-affirmation process.

Indigenous inclusion 
We recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the First Australians and the Traditional Custodians of the lands where we live and work. 

We incorporate an Acknowledgement of Country into our major meetings and events to show our respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. 

We also support employee education about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander inclusion in the workplace – and provide an online course on this topic.

Employee recognition
We’re all about positive impacts and building a culture of recognition is a great way to show appreciation, gratitude and tell someone about the positive impact they’ve had. We encourage and incorporate recognition into our daily work through our recognition platform, Amplify, to allow peer-to-peer and leader-based recognition.

Health, Safety and Wellbeing 
Our employees work in a variety of environments including offices, warehouses and contact centre. Some staff members travel regularly in order to connect with our retail partners. Providing a safe work environment for our employees is a priority for us.

To help reduce the likelihood of physical injuries in the workplace, we: 

  • conduct periodic safety and hazard reviews in each of our sites and seek to promptly remediate any issues identified 
  • provide periodic training to employees to enhance health and safety awareness  conduct audits on specific hazards and risks across our sites  
  • encourage an environment of reporting and promote safety consultation  



Inclusion and Diversity Policy

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Our Gender Affirmation Statement of Support

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Our Domestic and Family Violence Statement of Support

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Code of Conduct

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Health, Safety and Wellbeing Policy

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