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Playing Our Part in a Good Future

At The Lottery Corporation, we know we have a responsibility to drive positive and sustainable change for our people, communities, environment, and products.

We’re committed to being an industry leader in responsible gambling, and we’re driven to make a meaningful difference across Australia.

Here's how we're doing it.

Our People

Whether it’s our team members, customers or business partners, The Lottery Corporation always puts mental and physical health first in workplaces, retail outlets and Keno venues.

We believe in having a diverse workforce, improving gender equality at all levels, and harnessing the perspectives and contributions from people of all backgrounds and experiences.

Using risk assessments, due diligence, and mutual recognition, The Lottery Corporation focuses on the highest risks in our supply chain and where the biggest positive impact on human rights can be found.

Our Communities

Making a difference in our communities is one of our top priorities. We’re committed to responsible gambling, to creating healthier and happier communities through a range of partnerships, and to ensuring growth and opportunity in our relationships with retail outlets and Keno licensed venues.

In FY21, The Lott contributed more than $1.5 billion to Australian communities through donations, partnerships and the state lottery taxes of our licenced entities Tatts, NSW Lotteries, Golden Casket and SA Lotteries. This has helped fund vital health infrastructure, services and research, and supported important community organisations.

Keno plays its own part in helping Australian communities by supporting clubs and other licensed venues, and through our partnership with Disaster Relief Australia.

Our Charitable Games team aims to be one of the biggest funders of good causes in Australia. We help supercharge fundraising for charities and sporting clubs by providing innovative fundraising products and technology solutions so that they can raise more money and do more good for their causes. We have partnered with the 50-50 Foundation, a registered charity which raises significant funds for charities and sporting clubs through its two raffle products: 50-50 Charity Raffle and Play-For-Purpose.

The Environment

The Lottery Corporation takes its responsibility for managing environmental impacts seriously, understanding this is a significant issue for team members, customers and the community.

While The Lottery Corporation’s environmental footprint is relatively small when compared with other Australian companies, we acknowledge it has an impact on the environment, directly through its operations, and indirectly through its value chain. We seek to minimise adverse environmental impacts through our operations and the delivery of our products and services. See our Modern Slavery Statement for more.

We also recognise climate change is a significant global challenge and we’re committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions profile by identifying and managing climate-related risks and opportunities across our business.

Our Brands and Products

At The Lottery Corporation, we’re about delivering our products with integrity and supporting a well-regulated and responsible industry.

We do this by providing our customers with a safe, secure and friendly environment to play our games in.

Our responsible play programs have achieved the highest World Lottery Association accreditation (Level 4), awarded for legislative compliance, maintaining best practice in the service of lotteries, and ensuring games are entertaining for customers.



The Lottery Corporation is committed to giving back to Australian communities through direct support of charitable organisations and contributions to the government.



We foster an inclusive culture that reflects our diverse workplace. Promoting Health, Safety & Wellbeing of our teams through market leading workplace policies.

Responsible Entertainment

Responsible Entertainment

Our responsible gambling programs have been developed to ensure legislative compliance and best practice in the service of our products and customers.

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