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The Online Share Registry

You can quickly and easily access our Online Share Registry to ask questions and do the following:

  • adding your tax file number or ABN exemption
  • view annual report elections
  • view and print statements
  • update your bank account details

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Upcoming dividend dates
Dividend dates for FY23 are detailed below

FY23 Final Dividend Dates
Ex-dividend date 29 August 2023
Record date for dividend entitlements 30 August 2023
Last Election Date to participate in the
dividend reinvestment plan (DRP)
31 August 2023
DRP Price $4.89
Payment date 20 September 2023

Payment of dividends

Dividend payments will be made by direct credit (only) to The Lottery Corporation Limited shareholders with a registered address in Australia. This ensures that shareholders receive their dividends in a fast, efficient and secure way.

Updating your dividend payment instructions

Shareholders who have not provided details of their nominated bank account need to do so to make sure their dividends are promptly paid.

Shareholders can view their dividend payment instructions and access a Direct Credit Payment Form online. To log in, you will need your Securityholder Reference Number (SRN) or Holder Identification Number (HIN) as well as your postcode (must be the post code recorded on your holding statement).

The Direct Credit Payment Form can be submitted by either of these two options:

For further information shareholders can contact Link Market Services on:

Dividend reinvestment plan (DRP)

On 23 February 2023, The Lottery Corporation Limited announced the establishment of a DRP. Participation in the DRP is optional and available to shareholders with a registered address in Australia or New Zealand.

If you elect to participate, the DRP will enable you to increase your existing holding in The Lottery Corporation Limited (quoted on the Australian Securities Exchange under the code TLC) by reinvesting either all or part of your dividend payments into additional fully paid TLC shares in an easy and cost-effective way. You will not incur any brokerage, commission or other transaction costs to acquire shares under the DRP.

The DRP will operate for the final dividend announced on 23 August 2023. No discount will apply to the allocation of TLC shares at this time. You can elect to participate in the DRP at any time. In order to participate in the DRP for a dividend, you will need to ensure your DRP participation notice is received by Link Market Services, or your online election is made, by no later than 5pm (AEDT) on the last election date for the relevant dividend. The last election date for a dividend will be released on the ASX and posted on The Lottery Corporation's website at the same time the relevant dividend is announced. 

The last election date to participate in the DRP for the final dividend (announced on 23 August 2023) is 31 August 2023. 

You can make your election online by visiting  

We recommend that shareholders seek financial advice and read the full terms and conditions set out in the DRP Rules before deciding to participate.

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