Our $500,000 boost to fight Australia’s deadliest childhood cancer

Our $500,000 boost to fight Australia’s deadliest childhood cancer Hero Image

Brain cancer claims an Australian child every nine days – more than any other disease.

Today we’re proud to contribute $500,000 to the Children’s Brain Cancer Centre, the only research centre in the country dedicated to paediatric brain cancer, treatment and survivorship.

In collaboration with the Children’s Hospital Foundation, the Brisbane-based Children’s Brain Cancer Centre brings together teams from world-leading institutions in paediatric brain cancer to bring new hope to children diagnosed with the disease.

This contribution from Golden Casket unclaimed prize money marks The Lott’s fourth year supporting the centre.

”Despite advances in other types of childhood cancer, survival rates for brain cancer have made little progress over the past 30 years. The Children’s Brain Cancer Centre aims to change that,” Children’s Hospital Foundation CEO Lyndsey Rice said.

“We are so grateful to The Lott for their incredible ongoing support and commitment to improving survival and survivorship for children with brain cancer.”

Visit www.childrensbraincancer.org.au for more.


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