Meet the team taking children’s brain cancer research by storm thanks to $500,000 donation

Meet the team taking children’s brain cancer research by storm thanks to $500,000 donation Hero Image

It’s going to take something big to beat childhood brain cancer for good. Not just big support, but also a big dose of courage to try something new.

At the Children’s Brain Cancer Centre, a team of dedicated researchers are ready to do just that.

In a powerful collaboration between the Children’s Hospital Foundation and world-leading institutions, the best clinicians, researchers and facilities are creating the perfect storm to change the future for children diagnosed with brain cancer.

Despite advances in many other types of childhood cancer, survival rates for brain cancer have barely changed over the past 30 years. Currently, one Australian child dies every nine days from this disease.

With progress experiencing such an extensive drought, the team are gearing up to turn the tide on these statistics.

Under the Centre’s umbrella are global research partners, as well as home-grown experts who will bridge the latest science with patient and family perspectives.

Professor Brandon Wainwright is the co-director of the Centre and one of the passionate people leading this unique program.

“To get big things done, you not only need big support, you also need somebody who’s going to commit to the long term,” he said.

“We want to shift survival by years, not by months. In order to do that you have to think differently, and you have to be prepared to be brave.”

“The centre and its supporters like The Lott by Golden Casket give us a runway where we can try to do long-term things."

To help change the forecast for kids diagnosed with brain cancer, we’re proud to donate $500,000 from Golden Casket unclaimed prize money.

The donation will assist the Centre in their visionary work as they research improved treatments and survivorship outcomes.

This is our third year supporting the Centre and it’s thanks to our players that we can contribute to such an important cause.

Whether or not you’ve been personally impacted by this disease, investing in vital medical research for the future of our children is a win for everyone.

Check out the video below to meet more of the team and a special family who are dreaming of a future without childhood brain cancer.

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