Donation to help more Aussie kids in need

Donation to help more Aussie kids in need  Hero Image

For the third year in a row, we’re delighted to donate $50,000 to Variety SA to help them give more local kids in need a better life.

Whether by providing mobility equipment and wheelchairs, communication and education aides, medical and therapy services, scholarships or community events, the organisation helped more than 85,000 SA children in the past year.

“Variety allows children to grow their independence, have an increased self-esteem and greater community involvement,” our Partnerships Manager Liz McPherson said.


“The legacy of Australia’s official lotteries is changing lives for the better and making dreams a reality, so if we can help Variety SA do the same for these kids and their families, that’s pretty special.”

Variety SA Chief Executive Officer Mark McGill said Variety’s goal to positively impact on more SA kids in need couldn’t be achieved without generous support.

“The genuine care and authenticity shown by The Lott allows us to expand this support, change children’s lives and for that we are sincerely grateful.”

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