Our $500,000 boost to medical research for mums and bubs

Our $500,000 boost to medical research for mums and bubs Hero Image

We’re proud to today announce $500,000 in funding to two Mater Foundation research projects dedicated to improving fertility outcomes and neonatal care.

Today’s boost from The Lott by Golden Casket lottery taxes takes our long-standing support of the foundation to more than $16 million.

The first project will enable researchers to use the latest in DNA sequencing to understand more about unexplained pregnancy loss.

“If we discover genetic or environmental factors that increase jumping gene activity in embryos, this may open the door to strategies for the prediction and prevention of miscarriage,” Mater Research Group Leader of Developmental Molecular Genetics Dr Sandy Richardson said.

The second project will look at ways to ensure more key health professionals are proficient in the intubation of newborns.

“It’s technically challenging to perform and so increasing the number of medical professionals trained in this technique will mean a competent person is close at hand when this critical lifesaving intervention is needed,” Mater Neonatologist and Researcher Dr Jasmine Antoine said.


Our Partnerships Manager Ally Ramsamy hoped today’s contribution would make a real difference to people looking to start and grow their families.

“The statistics surrounding infertility and miscarriage are devastating, and to experience either of these is truly heartbreaking,” she said.

“We’re honoured to know our donation will help to understand these issues so one day they can ultimately reduce them occurring.” 

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