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The Lottery Corporation Limited ABN 21 081 925 706 (The Lottery Corporation) and its Related Bodies Corporate (as that term is defined In the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth)) own and operate multiple websites including:




(the Website(s)).

We also operate mobile applications including The Lott app and the Keno app (App(s)).

By accessing and/or using the Websites and/or the Apps, you agree to these terms of use (Terms) and acknowledge our Privacy Policy available at thelotterycorporation.com/privacy.

You should review our Privacy Policy and these Terms carefully and immediately cease using our Website(s) and App(s) if you do not agree to these Terms.

In these Terms ‘us’, ‘we’ and ‘our’ means The Lottery Corporation Limited and our Related Bodies Corporate. ‘You’ and ‘your’ means you, the user.

1. Accuracy of Information

We may, from time to time and without notice, change or add to the Website or Apps (including the Terms) or the information, products or services described in it. 

2. Accounts

These Terms govern your use of our Websites and/or Apps only and do not govern the purchase of any products or services through The Lott or Keno account that you may have with us (Account). Please refer to your Account terms and conditions to understand the terms that govern your transactions for products and services with us.

3. Linked Sites

Our Websites and Apps may contain links to websites operated by third parties. Those links are provided for convenience and may not remain current or be maintained. Unless expressly stated otherwise, we do not endorse and are not responsible for the content on those linked websites and have no control over or rights in those linked websites.

We take no responsibility for third party advertisements which are posted on the Websites or Apps, nor do we take any responsibility for the goods or services provided by advertisers.

4. Intellectual Property Rights

Unless otherwise indicated, we own or license from third parties all rights, title and interest (including copyright, designs, patents, trademarks and other intellectual property rights) in the Website, our Apps and in all of the material (including all text, graphics, logos, audio and software) made available on or derived from the Website (Content).

We grant you a personal licence to access the Websites and Apps and view the Content on the terms and conditions set out in these Terms and, where applicable, as expressly authorised by us and/or our third party licensors. However, your use of the Website, our Apps and use of and access to any Content does not grant or transfer any further rights, title or interest to you in relation to the Website, our Apps or the Content.

Any reproduction or redistribution of the Website, our Apps or the Content is prohibited and may result in civil and criminal penalties. In addition, you must not copy the Content to any other server, location or support for publication, reproduction or distribution is expressly prohibited

Further, you must not make use of any "Meta tags" or other "hidden text" that uses our name or trade mark or product name without our written consent.

You may, using an industry-standard web browser, download and view the Content for your personal, non-commercial use only.

5. Unacceptable Activity

You must not do any act that we would reasonably deem to be inappropriate, unlawful or prohibited by any laws applicable to our Website or Apps, including but not limited to:

  • any act that would constitute a breach of either the privacy (including uploading private or personal information without an individual's consent) or any other of the legal rights of individuals;

  • using the Website or our Apps to defame or libel us, our employees or other individuals;

  • uploading files that contain viruses that may cause damage to our property or the property of other individuals;

  • posting or transmitting to the Website or our Apps any material that is, in our reasonable opinion, likely to cause annoyance, or which is defamatory, racist, obscene, threatening, pornographic or otherwise or which is detrimental to or in violation of our systems or a third party's systems or network security;

  • submit any material of any kind which violates or infringes the rights of any other person including material which is protected by copyright, trade mark or any other proprietary right without first obtaining the permission of the owner or relevant right holder;

  • modify or delete any Content or add any content to the Website or our Apps except where we have given you prior written permissions; or

  • attempt to gain unauthorised access to any part of the Website.

If we allow you to post any information to our Website or Apps, we reserve the right to remove this information if we reasonably consider it is not consistent with these Terms.

We reserve the right to co-operate fully with any law enforcement authority in any jurisdiction in respect of any lawful direction or request to disclose the identity or other information in respect of anyone posting any materials which violate these Terms and any applicable or relevant law.

6. Viruses

We cannot and do not guarantee that use of the Website or Apps will be free of viruses, or other codes that may corrupt or infect your computer. You are responsible for implementing virus checking and other procedures to prevent any such corruption or infection. 

7.    If Website is Unavailable

We undertake to make all reasonable efforts to ensure that the Website and our Apps are available to you. However, we are not liable to you for or in connection with:

  • failure of the Website or Apps to perform in whole or in part, any function which we have specified it will perform.

  • delays or errors in the execution of any transaction or instruction because of the communication network, ancillary equipment or any circumstance beyond our reasonable control.

8.    Warranties and Disclaimers

Nothing in this clause affects your rights under the Australian Consumer Law. Our products and services come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law.

The accessibility and operation of the Website and Apps rely on internet technologies outside of our control. We do not guarantee continuous accessibility, uninterrupted operation or any particular standard of performance of the Website and Apps.

We may from time-to-time close or limit access to the Website and Apps for various reasons including, for example, scheduled downtime or as part of our continuous security monitoring controls.

From time to time, the Website and Apps may contain links to other internet sites not operated by us. We do not control those sites and as such:

  • we are not responsible for their content; and
  • these links do not indicate endorsement by us or support of any goods, services or content on those sites.

We may amend the help pages and other procedures and explanatory information displayed on or accessible within the Website and Apps where it is reasonably required to ensure we are providing up-to-date information.

9.    Liability

Our commitments to you in relation to the Website and Apps and any other things we provide under these Terms, are as set out in these Terms.  We only accept liability in relation to such matters for breach of the commitments we make in these Terms, or where such liability arises due to our negligence, wilful misconduct, or for liability that we cannot exclude under the Australian Consumer Law (including those guarantees under the Australian Consumer that apply, and liability we may have in connection with representations or other communications made prior to you accessing or using the Website or Apps under these Terms where such liability cannot be limited or excluded).

10.    Indemnity

The Website and Apps are heavily regulated, and your failure to comply with these Terms may cause us to breach relevant laws. To the extent permitted by law, you agree to indemnify us, our Related Bodies Corporate, and our and their officers, employees and agents, from and against any claims, loss and liabilities arising out of your breach of these Terms, which results in any of those indemnified breaching any relevant laws.

11.    Linking to the Website

You must not create a hyperlink to any page within any Website governed by these Terms unless we give you prior written permission.

12.    Privacy

If you provide us with your personal information when interacting with us via our Websites or Apps, it will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy located at www.thelotterycorporation.com/privacy

13.    Jurisdiction and Governing Law

Your use of the Website, our Apps and these Terms is governed by the law of the State of Queensland, and you submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts exercising jurisdiction in the State of Queensland.

Effective Date: 9 November 2023

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